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Old Ways, New Days: 
A Family History of Gypsy Life in South London and Kent

Old ways, New Days is a book of photographs and reminiscences of Gypsy life in South London, Surrey and Kent by Rosie Smith, who still lives a traditional Gypsy lifestyle, and her second cousin Lindsey Marsh, who has been researching her own Gypsy roots. It is an introduction to the language, working lives, music, poetry and song of Gypsies and a record of the changes that have taken place in their way of life in recent years. With chapters on prize-fighting, cherry picking and hop picking, the book also exposes the hostility that Gypsies have endured at the hands of gavvers and local councils over the years. A remarkable book, a social history and the seldom heard voice of Gypsy life.

Authors: Lindsey Marsh and Rosie Smith

Publisher: Francis Boutle Publishers (London)

Publication date: 5th June 2009 (First Edition)

Language: English

Number of pages: 104

Dimensions: 245 x 190 mm

Format: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1903427452

ISBN 13: 9781903427453

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The School Fundraising Handbook

A carefully compiled treasury of tips, suggestions and guidance to help schools and other education providers in the UK and Ireland to boost their income and manage their fundraising projects.

In this harsh economic climate, school leaders and school business managers (SBMs) are consistently looking for ways to stretch their budgets and diversify their sources of income - yet the time and resources they have available to come up with solutions can often be as limited as the funding itself.

This is where The School Fundraising Handbook can help.

Covering grants, crowdfunding, events planning, school lotteries, recycling fundraisers, affiliate schemes and more. Lindsey Marsh's indispensable guide maps out all the different fundraising streams available to schools and provides a comprehensive directory of over a hundred grants from which to choose.

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Author: Lindsey Marsh

Publisher: Crown House Publishing (Carmarthen)

Publication date: November 2019

Language: English

Number of pages: 200 (est)

Dimensions: 245 x 190 mm

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13:9781785834264

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